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PGL Major Stockholm 2021

Oct 26, 2021
Stockholm, Sweden
The first and only CS:GO Major in 2021. The prize pool will amount to $2,000,000. The competition is scheduled to take place in the capital of Sweden, Stockholm on 23.10-07.11. The tournament will be hosted at Ericcson Globe Arena. If the safety conditions are appropriate, the organizer PGL promises to let fans watch matches right at the arena. Matches of the tournament will be broadcasted in the 4K resolution for the first time.
1 $1,000,000
2 $300,000
3 $140,000

Live series

There are currently no matches online. But soon someone will be playing.

Upcoming matches

The match schedule is not yet known, but will be announced soon.

Finished matches

None of the matches are over yet.

Brackets & Standings


    PGL Major Teams

      Personal statistics

      • The most knife kills

        enemies knifed this tournament
      • The most kills

        Enemies killed this tournament
      • The most damage dealt

        ADR (average damage per round) this tournament

      Teams statistics

      • Team with the most matches won

        Matches won out of -
      • Team using the most different weapons

        various weapons used
      • Most rounds won through bomb going off

        Rounds won by running down the timer